Photo Contest

We are excited to announce two new photo contest categories this year!

Categories are:

  1. The Beauty of Water – Water can give life and create some of the most wondrous scenery. It is soft, elegant and cleansing. Photos may show simple delights that water can bring to people or breathtaking views it can be apart of.
  2. The Fury of Water – Water can be terrible, especially if not treated kindly. It can be a fast wave of destruction, or a slow, encroaching force. Sharp, powerful and awesome. Photos may show destruction brought about, or a slow decay caused by water.

Qualified photo entries will be displayed along with the photo descriptions provided on the entry form by the photographer.  The description should provide the photographer’s perspective on how the photo represents the theme of the category.  All entries must be received by Logan at or Sean at NO LATER THAN 11:59 pm (HST) Friday, JANUARY 15, 2020.

2021 Pacific Water Conference Photo Contest Criteria & Rules

2021 Pacific Water Conference Photo Contest Entry Form